Early Learning and Child Care Programs

At York Professional Care & Education we offer quality centre-based child care for children ranging in age from infant to twelve years of age, and are open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Our Early Childhood Educators view child as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential.  Our programs are based on the Ontario’s Pedagogy – How Does Learning Happen and the four foundational conditions that are important for children to grow and flourish: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression.

Subsidized spaces (York Region Children’s Services or Simcoe County Children’s Services) may be available. Contact us for more information or to register.


The Infant Program

York Professional Care & Education offers a warm, nurturing program for infants. Your infant’s individual needs and social and emotional well-being is our priority.

Our educators expand on children’s cues, supporting expression, movement and a sense of self. Each day infant’s explore their senses, stretch their growing muscles and expand their language skills with warm, receptive educators encouraging them. They have opportunities indoors and out to explore and experience their environment

Families are viewed as experts on their children and we welcome and respect your input.

Infant Age: 6 weeks to 18 months

Our infant rooms teacher/child ratio:
Child Care Centre – 1:3 teacher/child ratio
Licensed Home Child Care – only 2 children under 2 years in each home.

Infant programs are offered at the following locations:

The Toddler Program

At York Professional Care & Education we offer your toddler a warm, safe world to assert some independence and begin to develop a stronger sense of self and self-regulation skills.

Our Educators provide play-based opportunities for toddlers to build on physical skills, practice self-help skills and measured independence.

Your child’s ability to express themselves is encouraged as their language grows. They have opportunities indoors and out to explore and experience their environment. Our educator’s encourage social interaction with other children and help toddlers begin to verbally solve problems. Your interaction and input in your toddler’s day at York Professional is welcomed and valued.

Toddler Age: 18 months to 2½ years

Our Toddler room teacher/child ratio:
1:5 teacher/child ratio.

The Preschool Program

At York Professional Care & Education our educators are tuned into your child’s interests and inquiries. Educators facilitate opportunities for children to play, ask questions, solve problems and self-regulate.

Preschool children explore the natural world indoors and out, with materials to provide their imaginations with open-ended possibilities. Our educators view your child as competent and capable and structure experiences to build social, emotional, language, motor skills and cognitive development throughout your child’s play-based day.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to pop-in, participate and ask questions. We value your engagement.

Preschool Age: 2½ to 5 years

Our Preschool room teacher/child ratio:
1:8 teacher/child ratio.